Sunday, April 5, 2009


Chili Cheese Fries & Double Bacon Cheeseburger at Flip-N-Out
This first review for the new T-Town Burger Blog has been a trying experience. Rye Bread and I decided to celebrate the launch of the site with a trip to Flip-n-out burgers and fries on 12th ave. Both the News Tribune and the Volcano gave it good reviews, so we headed over on a thursday night. The menu is simple hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon burger, bacon cheeseburger. You can also get those as a double burger too. There was also a chiliburger on the menu. I opted for the double bacon cheeseburger for $5.89 and an order of chili cheese fries for $4.14. Immediately i regretted ordering the chili cheese fries as i noticed that they fry in peanut oil, my favorite. In the time it took for our food to arrive we noticed that the place is a juggalo hangout. Rye Bread even noticed some juggalo graffiti on the way to the bathroom.
When we did get out food, it was packaged to go after we told the lady at the register we were dining in. Maybe thats how they do it, i dont know. What i do know is when i saw my chili cheese fries i was again disappointed in them.  There is no better way to ruin a perfectly good french fry then to cover it in bland chili barely tepid to melt the shredded cheese sprinkled over it.  I knew this going in too, but i let the excitement of the moment clout my ordering process. The burger came haphazardly wrapped in a piece of aluminum foil, crushing the burger in the process, and therefore ruining the integrity of the bun and its ability to keep the burger from sliding around. It is for this reason why I dine in when I eat a burger. There was also a noticeable amount of grease missing from my double bacon cheeseburger.  
We both agreed that it wasn't as good as the local papers make the place out to be.  Fortunately i live off of 12th ave. so if I ever need a burger on a day when my turn signals are not working then i'm all set.  
Sorry about the crappy iPhone pictures. like i said before, this has been a trying experience. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

#1 new blog post

Go Hamburgers!!!!!!!!
T-Town Burger Blogg will be the best burgerblogg on the planet
double G's yo!!!!!